Coast Guard Will Now Cover Shipping Cost Of Breast Milk For New Moms

Posted: 29 Jun 2019 06:38 AM PDT

They will reimburse shipping costs up to $750 per year

If you’ve ever worked outside the home after having a baby, you know there are so many considerations to think about before going back to the office. There’s daycare, schedules, guilt (and then mountains more guilt), and, if you’re breastfeeding, where/how/when you’ll be able to pump and store your milk. The U.S. Coast Guard is trying to make things easier for new moms returning to work by helping offset some of the financial burdens of sending that milk home.

Moms on duty who wish to send breast milk back home for their babies will now qualify for up to $750 of yearly shipping costs via a new program, the U.S. Coast Guard said in a statement. The program is in response to feedback from the Women’s Retention Study and Holistic Analysis and in support of the Commandant's Strategic Intent to
Improve Support Programs for the Mission Ready Total Workforce which examined the root causes of women's attrition and potential barriers it faces.

"Although the Coast Guard enjoys one of the highest retention rates among the five military branches, we must do better," said Admiral Charles W. Ray, Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard. "This study is an important element in our broader effort to recruit and retain an inclusive and diverse workforce that reflects the American public we serve. It is every leader's responsibility to identify and eliminate elements of our culture that may inhibit equal participation and opportunity in our Service."

The program is available to all active duty members which include Public Health Service officers, US Navy chaplains attached to the Coast Guard, Reservists on Active Duty for Operational Support (and their spouses), and civilian employees, the Coast Guard said.

A RAND Corporation study found women leave active-duty positions at the Coast Guard at higher rates than men and retention rates at five years of service was 5.6 percent higher for men and at just less than 20 years of service, that percentage increased to thirteen.

There are aspects of serving in the military that impact women, specifically moms, that men may not experience in the same way. Extended deployments, childbirth, breastfeeding, lack of female role models, and the guilt and shame many are forced to feel because they are moms and are expected to be primary caregivers all contribute to retention rates.

There are many aspects that working moms can relate to but the time spent away from their kids is considerably longer, which amplifies all of these experiences exponentially.

Eligible members can apply for reimbursement at the conclusion of any period away from home for longer than 72 hours. Eligible members that find themselves on extended periods away
from home over 60 days can have a family member apply for the reimbursement on their behalf.

This isn’t a catch-all solution for the issues women face in the military, but it’s a positive step in the right direction.

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Melissa McCarthy As Ursula In The Live-Action ‘The Little Mermaid’? Yes Please

Posted: 29 Jun 2019 06:12 AM PDT

Raise your hand if you’re excited about a remake of ‘The Little Mermaid’

Disney is on a roll with the live-action remakes lately and they’re not going to stop anytime soon. Next up is a live-action version of The Little Mermaid, the 1989 classic with Ariel, Prince Eric, and — of course — Ursula the sea witch. The latest casting news will make you want to sign over your own voice and everything you own just to see it unfold.

Variety reports that Melissa McCarthy is in negotiations to play Ursula. The Ursula. The one and only sea-witch with her own pet eels, creepy garden of shrunken mermaids and mermen, and more binding contracts than an actual lawyer’s office.

While the “talks” and negotiations are early, the buzz about the movie is big. Disney and the production team hope to create a contemporary version of the story while not straying too far from the original.

Iconic director Rob Marshall, who recently directed Mary Poppins Returns, will be directing the remake. The new version will include beloved songs from the original (which, come on, it better — that’s an award-winning, legendary soundtrack). But there will also be new music created and produced by Alan Menken (a favorite composer of Disney) and the one, the only Lin-Manuel Miranda.

For the last few years, Disney has been churning out non-stop live-action hits like CinderellaThe Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdinand The Lion King — which hits theaters later this summer on July 19.

The star-studded voice cast of The Lion King includes (*angel choir sounds*) Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Billy Eichner, James Earl Jones, John Oliver, and Seth Rogen.

People on social media were, understandably, extremely excited but also conflicted about the choice to cast McCarthy, with some people stanning for Lizzo, Titus Burgess, and others.

It’ll be interesting to see how Disney adapts this particular movie — The Lion King and The Jungle Book are strictly CGI while the rest are strictly live-action humans. With The Little Mermaid being full of, well, mermaids and sea creatures (full humans and half), perhaps it’ll be a combo of both?

It’ll also be the first time Melissa McCarthy strays from the hilarious comedies she’s been cranking out for years, which we all love no matter how off-the-wall the plots are. And we’re all more than ready to hear “Poor Unfortunate Souls” immediately, thanks.

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My Relationship With My Father Is Hurting My Marriage

Posted: 28 Jun 2019 06:00 PM PDT

I've spent a considerable portion of my life trying to prove that I was still worthy of something despite growing up with limited access to my father. I was determined not to fall into the "fatherless Black girl" trope. But resisting that idea has seemed to hurt me more than it helped me.

Instead of accepting myself fully and acknowledging the way my dad’s unreliable presence hurt me, I covered it all up. I excelled in school. I highlighted the ways our off-and-on relationship made me different from those girls who didn't know their fathers at all. And I made sure to talk about the similarities I knew of between my father and I at every opportunity.

I was thoroughly convinced there was no way my relationship with my dad was so unhealthy that it would impact other relationships. All the bad choices I made with guys were because it's what I wanted to do. There was no way I was powerless and selecting partners in response to childhood pain. At least that’s what I told myself.

For over a decade, I unwaveringly believed that I was fine, and despite childhood — and current — turmoil in the relationship I had with my father, I was a stable, well-adjusted person.


Until a couple of weeks ago, that is, when a fight I had with my husband about birthday gifts spiraled into me preparing for a divorce by checking my bank account to assess my level of financial self-sufficiency. As I sat in bed scrolling through options for three-bedroom apartments in my hometown, I suddenly noticed a pattern.

Every fight we had ended with a cycle of me apologizing, almost begging profusely, and looking up places to move to when my introverted husband responded in silence. In my mind, every fight marked the end of our relationship. Because that's how relationships went. My father's conditional love left me unsure how to have healthy fights in relationships.

In retrospect, it was one of those “this is so cliché you should have seen it coming” fights. Due to my husband’s work schedule, for the first time in three years, we were actually together on my birthday and he didn’t meet my expectations for something huge and celebratory.

The frustration that my father had failed to even acknowledge my existence on my birthday was the true trigger. In my mind, my dad ignoring my birthday (in addition to Mother’s Day) was connected to some sort of wider scale effort to punish me for something I’d done (or hadn’t done). I sat backflipping through the last time we'd spoken. I needed to know what I'd said or done wrong.

The frantic quest for answers was something I'd felt since childhood, as I wondered why I wasn't worthy of his love. Through the years, the unwavering threat of conditional love left me walking on eggshells. I needed this relationship intact to prove my value to the world around me. If that meant bending, or even breaking, in an effort to accommodate his expectations, so be it.

More often than I realize, I take that pain from my father’s rejection, and I apply it to someone safe — my husband. Yeah, he dropped the ball and he should've paid more attention to me on my birthday. But this is one of what will hopefully be a half-century of birthdays. He's here emotionally or physically every day, and to allow a birthday disappointment to trigger the demise of our relationship is illogical.

But for me, the fight wasn’t really about my birthday; it was about someone downplaying my worth. And when my husband made it clear he wasn't going to contribute the chaos, I crumbled. I begged for him to excuse my wide range of emotions because I was afraid that pointing out what I expected of him would motivate him to leave. So, I had to be ready to leave first even though he didn't say he had intentions to go anywhere.

When we fight, I go into fight or flight mode. Subconsciously, I can't allow another person to devalue me in a real or imagined way that feels too close to my relationship with my dad. Whenever I told my dad I was upset or disappointed in him, he dismissed me. To him, my world was based on false memories and my feelings of being mistreated weren't valid. So I learned to excuse the missed holidays and play along. For awhile, it worked. If I faked it long enough, I'd get phone calls and text messages and even gifts. The right way to get what I wanted was to accept whatever level of attention was given to me, however meager or conditional. To challenge the way things were created a risk of losing it all.


I applied that behavior to the guys I dated. And when I noticed the pattern, I demanded more from everyone but the person who created the void — my dad.

Even now, asking for what I need from my husband leaves me with a fear that it's easier for him to leave. Either I act out with a dramatic request, or I suffer in silence while my needs aren't met.

I know my strategy is maladaptive, and I’m working on it. I've started being more open with him about how I feel and giving more praise instead of all criticism. I'm learning to explain that the way I respond to conflict is about how I feel about myself, not how he treats me. Seeing a counselor and having supportive friends is also significantly helpful. But there are decades of pain standing in the way of healing.

Over the next few years, I hope to learn to fight in a healthy way. I want to understand that every bump in the road isn't the end of the relationship. I want a normal relationship where our problems are about us and I can see my husband for the consistency of his actions instead of the failures of my father. But most importantly, I want to understand that having "daddy issues" doesn't make me less valuable than kids who hail from nuclear homes.

But I’m not there yet. And what I’m realizing is that maybe in order to get to that healthy place in my marriage, I might need to cut ties with the person who started this whole thing in the first place — my unavailable father.

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10 Things We Should Be Teaching Teens About Dating And Relationships

Posted: 28 Jun 2019 06:00 PM PDT

Every parent dreads the teenage years for so many reasons. From dating to FOMO to social media shaming, life was easier 30 years ago before the internet, SnapChat, and texting. Our teens’ lives play out in a sequence of video clips and edited pictures that we are powerless to stop. I've been there. I've done it. I know the deep-in-your-stomach pain that hearing your child crying in their room evokes. I know the hurt that even the most civil of breakups can cause.

After watching three daughters navigate the murky waters of teen relationships and dating in the 21st century, here's what I want dating teens to know:

1. No matter what, you matter to me.

No really, you are my world. You matter to me in the biggest, deepest way. I value you and all of your mistakes and virtues. You're not perfect. You have definitely screwed up more than a few times and I see it, but I love you unconditionally with my whole heart and I am here to hug you and to show you where you veered off course. We'll get back on the right track. “Lessons learned,” we like to call them, and lessons need to be learned on both sides.

2. Take chances! Now is the time to date the person that makes you jittery.

Don't settle for the one that asks you out. Now is the time to shoot your shot and aim for the person that makes you nervous and jittery. Your teen years are about dating and experiences, not settling down for the rest of your life. I once worked for an awe-inspiring salesman and he taught me a lesson I wish I had learned when I was 15 years old: Ask for what you want. It's that simple. The time is now, take chances. Go talk to the person you think is out of your league or a bit different than your social circle — whatever it is that intrigues you, go find it. You'll never know unless you try. Carpe Diem.

3. You're fine all on your own. You don't need anyone to complete you.

You don't need a plus-one to be okay. This one seems simple right? You have your family, your support system, your counselor — whatever it may be that keeps you on the straight and narrow. You are fine on your own. You, as a singular human being, have everything you need to get through this life and be successful. Your relationships that go beyond friendships need to be enjoyable to be worth it.

Anyone or anything that makes you feel inferior, controlled, or not important is an absolute throw away. Hear me again: a throw-away, as in throw them away and move on. You deserve to be acknowledged and heard — no matter what, all of the time. If someone isn't listening to you or believing in you, see them for who they are and be on your way.

I had a geometry teacher in high school who pulled a bunch of cocky, not listening students aside. We weren't there to learn, we were there to "not get" geometry. He asked us one question and I still think about it today: "What do you do with a horse that won't move?" and then he walked away. You walk away too because you deserve to be heard. Feelings matter among equals. Voices are heard across board rooms and corporations. Equals communicate, period. Never settle for less.

4. The world doesn't revolve around you.

As a mom, I may have misguided you here because my world did indeed revolve around you for a very long time, and it still kind of does, but I try not to show it. The truth is, the attention you crave from your partner is craved by your partner. What? Yeah, it's true. You have to listen too. You have to be sensitive too. Guess what? You aren't always right either. Own your baggage. Take responsibility when you screw up. Pick yourself up and learn your lesson. Hurting other people is a tough pill to swallow. Know the difference between being right and winning at all costs. One of them will leave you feeling hollow, the other will leave you being true to yourself. It's a super fine line. Walk it and always see it.

5. Significant others are going to let you down.

So that super cute boyfriend/girlfriend you had a month ago, the one who was treating you so well and wanted to spend every waking second with you has cooled off and he isn't coming around anymore. You're devastated and I'm assembling a voodoo doll of them in my closet hoping to bring some pain their way (okay, not really, but, wow, how great would that be?). But seriously, take a minute and remember how this hurt feels. Drink it in and let it register where you will never forget it because it's not the last time you'll feel this way.

Yes, you trusted them. You thought those feelings were "real" and they weren't. Gosh, I'm sorry. I would do anything to take this pain away, but you need to feel it. You need to know it so you can think twice or twenty times before you go that far with your next partner.

Sex is a real thing. Intimacy means something. Make darned sure that person means something to you, because tomorrow they may be posting selfies with one of your friends on their private SnapChat story. Think long and hard before you take that relationship to the next level because you matter to me (see #1) and I care about your self-worth (see #3). Make sure the people you take your clothes off with see your self-worth too, and if they don't, move on, because you matter to me and I want you to matter to you.

6. Trust your gut.

Go with your gut. Be your gut. I mean it, get in tune with your gut. Call it your instinct, your intuition — call it whatever you want, but recognize it. As a young reporter, an LAPD officer told me to never ignore my gut. When something tells you to get out of that elevator or not to walk to your car alone, listen. Society molds you to tune out this internal safety mechanism — don't. That voice in your head questioning where your partner actually is is right. That weird vibe you pick up on when you see your partner with another person, that's real too. You're not being ridiculous. You're intelligent and rational and smart. Don't forget that. Your gut is right on, every single time. Trust me, trust it!

7. That friend you are so grateful for still matters.

Value your friendships as much as your favorite Brandy Melville crop top! No really, your friends matter. Don't lose your friends because you are too entangled with your new partner. My daughter started a new high school last year and she knew one person there. On day three, she came to the car ready to tell me about how great her day was because a boy called her by her name, asked if she played volleyball, and asked her to grab him a glue stick. This small effort made her feel recognized and depended on. At that moment, she was a person with a name. He made her happy with such a small gesture. She is still friends with "the glue stick guy" today. Reach out to people even when you don't know them and invest in those around you. Remember that we are all working and evolving. Value your friends they are the ones who will get through those difficult times.

8. People are allowed to change their minds and they are allowed to not want to be with you anymore.

It's never fun to be broken up with. It hurts pretty bad when someone decides not to love you anymore. It's totally and completely allowed. Take your loss with grace and refrain from texting and loitering in places where your ex-partner will be. It's time to move on and it's time to spend time with your friends and people who want to be around you (see #7). When you’re the one who changes your mind and you fall out of love with someone first, remember this pain and be gentle with your now ex-partner (see #5). It hurts both ways, be patient.

9. Be kind always.

Whether you initiate the breakup or your partner does, it’s painful. Try really hard not to lash out in anger or jealousy. Stand your ground, don't be a pushover and say your peace for sure. But try super hard not to hit below the belt, because later you'll wish you didn't.

10. Be the person you want others to be.

So easy to understand. So completely difficult to achieve. Try, really, really hard to be a good person. We’re all rooting for you because, well, see #1.

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My Life Is Easier When My Husband Travels

Posted: 28 Jun 2019 06:00 PM PDT

My husband travels for work. Most of the time, he’s only away for a few weeks, but there have been times when he's been gone for up to eight months. We do our best to schedule visits during the longer trips, but we can’t always work it out. The kiddos and I just make it work at home until he comes back.

When he's away, people really want to help me. The folks who love me offer to bring me dinner, watch my kids, come by if I get lonely, and include us in their holiday gatherings. I feel so loved and held when they offer to lighten my load. I appreciate my friends and my family so much. The offers of support are incredible.

But I have a secret: My day-to-day responsibilities are actually a million times easier to manage when my husband travels.

Sure, there are a few things I'd rather not do on my own. I don't really love taking the trash out, dealing with spiders, or doing every dish all by myself for months on end.

That doesn't change the fact that when he's gone, I just have less to do, and more time to do it.

It's really not harder to run the house when he's away.

It's easier.

Stefanos Aktipis/Reshot

Don't get me wrong — the time apart takes an emotional toll. I adore my husband. I hate spending a minute apart. My three-year-old has a speech delay and sometimes he doesn't say a single word for two or three days. My six-year-old asks to sleep in one of Daddy's t-shirts most nights. I leave a light on in the living room because, at 34 years old, I'm still a little afraid of the dark. I still hate to sleep in my bed alone, and I'm always a little relieved when one of my little boys climbs up to sleep next to me. The house feels too quiet, and I get lonely without him here. He belongs at home with us.

I let myself wallow in self-pity a bit for the first day or so. Dishes pile up. I wear crappy pajamas all day and feel sorry for myself.  I'm always a little annoyed that I have to do it all alone for a while. But ultimately, I know that if I let things go too long, I’ll just have more work to do later, so I force myself to settle into a routine pretty quickly after he leaves.

The kids and I hit our stride, and it's surprisingly easy to keep things rolling.

The housework is a breeze. With one less person at home, there is just less to do. My husband isn't here using dishes, wearing clothes, or shaving into my sink. Because my picky eaters won't touch them, I don't cook my usual elaborate meals most nights when my husband is away.  I just throw together salads or sandwiches or heat up something simple. There are fewer clothes, towels and dishes to wash, sort and put away.

Being alone frees up a lot of my time. When my husband is home, I like to spend an hour or two at night just being with him. I try to cram all my work and the bulk of the household chores into the daytime hours when he is at the office. I want to be able to just hang out with him when the kids fall asleep, so I don't consider the late evening to be really usable time when he's home.

As much as I miss our evenings together, I can use those hours between my kids' bedtime and my own to be productive when he travels. I can write, do housework, or pamper myself while they sleep. If I want to, I can turn on something my husband doesn't like to watch, then just do whatever needs to be done. I have at least an extra hour or two at night to make sure the house is in order, and we are ready for the next morning before I go to sleep.

Sometimes when my husband travels, people jokingly ask me how I am handling the "single parent life." I always cringe. I know they think they're being funny, but I am careful to acknowledge that my experience is not even CLOSE to the life of a single parent.


When my husband is not physically at home, I still benefit from his role in my life. He calls me every night to see how I'm doing, reminds me that he thinks I'm an excellent mom, and asks me what I need. His entire income is available to our family, and he still does some of the household stuff. I don’t have to worry about paying bills, scheduling pest control and lawn care, or doing the budget. He still handles those things from wherever he is. He can chat with our kids if they're not listening to me. We are still a team. I can rest knowing that if something major comes up, I am not responsible for figuring it out alone.

Also, aren't hard things just easier when you are certain they won't last forever? When my husband is away, I know an end date. I can count down the days until I can toss the kids at him after a hard day. I know it won’t be long until I can jet off to Target, blissfully alone. He's still with me every step of the way, even if he travels across the country or around the world. I always know he will be back soon.

I know the time apart might look challenging from the outside looking in, but honestly, by the time my husband has been gone a week or two, I start to run out of things to do. We get everything organized and streamlined. It only takes a few minutes each night to straighten up and get ready for the next day. I'm efficient with my work, my kids get into a really organized routine, and my house never looks better than when he's away.

Now if I could just figure out how to keep it all running so smoothly when he gets home.

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Trump Sent Out A Totally Bonkers ‘Poll’ You Have To See To Believe

Posted: 28 Jun 2019 12:55 PM PDT

Trump’s “poll” that lays out the differences between himself and democrats is simply unreal

In the time of Donald Trump, it’s pretty easy to forget that almost nothing he says or does is normal for a U.S. president. Every day, often several times a day, he makes headlines for whatever bizarre, wrong, dumb, or outright cruel thing he says or does. Sadly, America has slowly become desensitized to the madness, but his latest WTF moment is standing out from the others — because it’s just that bonkers.

The actual president of this (formerly) great nation of ours just rolled out a poll to his followers that honestly looks like a page ripped straight from The Onion. When I saw it, at first, I assumed that it was. It’s that completely batshit crazy.

If you have friends or family members who seem legitimately lost to you, as in, they’ll believe literally anything as long as Trump says it, maybe seeing this not at all biased poll from his campaign website will help shed some light. If this is the usual brand of propaganda they’re fed, it’s easy to see why Trump fans have stopped believing anyone or anything else. Here goes. Brace yourself.

Donald Trump

He asks questions like, “Who would you rather see fix our Nation’s shattered immigration polices?” and provides handy responses such as, “President Trump” or “A MS-13 Loving Democrat.”

Trump Sent Out A Totally Bonkers 'Poll' You Have To See To Believe

I mean, with choices like that, what do you pick? This is seriously on par maturity-wise with the dumb notes we sent to boys in middle school asking “do you like me, circle yes or no” except, oh wait, it’s not nearly as heartfelt and democratic. Back in 7th grade, we gave two perfectly sane choices. Now, it’s like, “do you want to vote for me or have literally everything be wrong and awful 4ever because DEMOCRATS?”

Um, sidebar? He got a few years with a Republican-controlled House and Senate. So if he can’t “fix immigration” under those circumstances, then maybe he has no idea what he’s talking about? Just spitballing here.

Believe it or not, it gets worse, folks.

Donald Trump

This is… wow. This is something alright.

Trump Sent Out A Totally Bonkers 'Poll' You Have To See To Believe

Beyond the fact that THE PRESIDENT publishes things this completely whacky on his website is the disturbing knowledge that millions of people eat it up. They love that he’s a taunting schoolyard bully who’s totally allergic to facts. They love that he’s “tough” and calls those sleazy, lyin’ Democrats names! MAGA! I mean honestly, WTF is happening to us?

Donald Trump

Also, please call Kamala “low energy” in a debate, Donny. I triple dog dare you.

Trump Sent Out A Totally Bonkers 'Poll' You Have To See To Believe
Anyway, if you decide to go through with this ridiculous “poll” just to mess with his results (because you know if the results don’t please him it will actually keep him up at night and that’s kind of delightful to imagine), you can use a fake email like one of my friends did so this joke of a campaign can’t keep contacting you with more looney propaganda. Be warned that after completion, you’ll immediately be redirected to a plea for a campaign donation — all set up to hand over $100 to this lying carnival barker, whether you asked to or not.

Scary Mommy

Deep breaths, y’all. 2020 is coming.

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Period Pain Causes Women To Lose 9 Days Of Productivity Per Year

Posted: 28 Jun 2019 12:00 PM PDT

Menstruating women are unable to be as productive as usual in the workplace and at school

It comes as no surprise that the impact of menstruation on women’s lives and careers is sorely underestimated, but a new study is here to validate our period pain just the same. Researchers find that period pain is the direct link to nearly nine days of lost productivity per year in workplaces and schools.

The study, published yesterday, surveyed 32,748 Dutch women between the ages of 15 and 45 in order to evaluate lost productivity due to period symptoms. They consider “lost productivity” to mean both time off from work and/or school, as well as working and studying while feeling ill.

One in seven women, or 14 percent of those surveyed, have taken time off from work or school during their period. Of that group, 3.5 percent say that this was a common occurrence — lasting every day, or nearly every day of their menstrual cycle.

Period Pain Causes Women To Lose 9 Days Of Productivity Per Year

Many of the women reported being less productive as a result of their period pain. Researchers concluded that, on average, women were absent from work or school 1.3 days per year because of their period. But productivity loss overall was equivalent to 8.9 days per year — because no one feels like working at the top of their game when they feel like absolute hell.

Some 81% of the Dutch women said they had been less productive as a result of their menstrual symptoms. On average, the researchers calculated, women were absent from work or school 1.3 days per year because of their period and, on average, productivity loss was equivalent to 8.9 days per year. Women under the age of 21 are three times more likely to take time off because of their menstrual symptoms.

“Women said that they weren’t as productive as they could be while at work — they needed to go to the toilet every hour or they had a headache and couldn’t concentrate,” Theodoor Nieboer, an author of the report and a gynecologist at the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands, tells CNN.

Period Pain Causes Women To Lose 9 Days Of Productivity Per Year

That’s not all — the study also found that when women did call in sick due to period pain, only one in five women actually disclosed to their employer the real reason for their absence. Because periods are still a “taboo” topic — even though half the world’s population has been menstruating since the dawn of time. It’s ridiculous, yes, but very real. Women are made to feel self-conscious about the very thing our bodies are designed to do.

A majority of women, 68 percent, say they wished their employers had more flexible hours for working when feeling ill on their periods. And really, who among us wouldn’t feel 10 times more comfortable typing on our couches with a heating pad and stretch pants while popping Midol? Or — GASP — not having to work at all on the days when our periods are truly awful?

Period Pain Causes Women To Lose 9 Days Of Productivity Per Year

This could benefit everyone who menstruates, but particularly those with debilitating and painful conditions like endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

“Despite being almost two decades into the 21st century, discussions about period symtoms may still be rather taboo,” Nieboer said. “There’s a need for greater openness about the impact of menstrual symptoms on work, and companies need to be more open about this with their female workers.”

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Twitter Is Celebrating The Significance Of A Black Barbie That Uses A Wheelchair

Posted: 28 Jun 2019 11:48 AM PDT

People are loving that there’s a Black Barbie with natural hair who uses a wheelchair

Remember when Barbie was just another blonde-haired, blue-eyed, unrealistically proportioned doll? Thankfully, Mattel has been evolving with the times over the last few decades, totally upping their Barbie doll game when it comes to representation. The toy company has expanded the look of their iconic doll, making her more inclusive in regards to body type, race, and career with their 2019 Barbie Fashionistas collection. They have even introduced a doll with natural, black hair — and she uses a wheelchair.


Now available at Target from the Barbie Fashionistas collection is a Black Barbie who uses a wheelchair. She comes with the best accessory — a wheelchair ramp so that she can get in and out of the Barbie Dreamhouse with ease.




Now, this isn’t the first time the groundbreaking toy company has sold a doll who was a wheelchair user. They offered one back in 1997, when the company released a Becky doll on wheels. However, the doll, which couldn’t fit through the doors of the Dreamhouse, quickly disappeared from shelves.

But the fact that the latest version isn’t white and blonde is drumming up major excitement.

The reaction to this latest Barbie collection is overwhelmingly supportive, as there are so many young girls out there who are going to be able to see themselves in the dolls.

And it’s especially exciting because the wheelchair isn’t some drab hospital version — it’s fun and shows that this Barbie’s life is about a lot more than the way she gets around in the world. She loves fashion and bright colors. Just like a lot of other young girls who also happen to use a wheelchair.

Twitter users wondered if this Barbie had a truly accessible chair that would work with the Dreamhouse, and yes, Mattel thought of that.

"Barbie doll celebrates diversity with unique fashion dolls that encourage real-world storytelling and open-ended dreams," reads the product description. "With a wide variety of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors and textures, body types and fashions, the Barbie Fashionistas dolls are designed to reflect the world girls see around them today, offering them infinite ways to play out stories and express their style."

People are just really pumped for the double dose of representation here.



We applaud Barbie for this brilliantly inclusive line. Finally, our children will be celebrate their diversity in all of its glory.

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