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#American Life

All Leftist Democrat Candidates Abuse Their Own Workers

Posted: 28 Jul 2019 02:29 AM PDT

The virtue signalling Democrats keep crashing and burning.  As all of the DNC candidates uniformly want workers to have higher wages, their own staff are being stiffed and told to work for free or low wages.  This is typical of all things the DNC demands.  For example, they uniformly believe we will roast to death if we consume energy products.  Meanwhile, these same people do exactly that in much greater amounts than the average American.  ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ is their motto.


What is scariest here is, the entire DNC voting public who mainly live in our messed up cities, support all this and don’t want to hear about how their own leaders don’t practice what they preach.


Democrats Accused Of Exploiting Campaign Staff, Hypocrisy Over Low And Even NO Pay For Staff. The latest in the democratic party’s labor disputes is Elizabeth Warren who is accused of exploiting low level staff into working for free.


Poor Tim Poole…he continuously and correctly calls the shots when liberals lie.  He goes after them in a wonderful way…then he backtracks and supports these same crooks.  He defends ‘liberalism’ without understanding how liberals are a false front operation to hide the real monsters in the room: Maoism.


We also have another story about how Democrats are using deceptive accounting techniques to appear richer on paper and delaying pay to campaign staff in order to do it. Lastly, Bernie Sanders is accused of firing three staff members for legal organizing practices.


Bernie Sanders is an open communist.  And true to type, oppresses and abuses his employees.


The take away is clear, Democrats from centrist moderate, to far left are seen as hypocrites for trying to look good while exploiting or underpaying their staff.


Yes, indeed.  All leftists are hypocrites.  Any examination of the history of any and all communist nations show the same results: dictatorship and wrecking all economic systems leading to mass starvation.


As a moderate what do we do? DO we ignore this because “orange man bad?” or do we speak up and demand a better party? If Warren and Sanders are in on the take then what do we really have? Who do we vote for?


Tim is funny.  He now calls himself a ‘moderate’ but will vote for the far left or other fringe people.  He also asks, ‘Who do we vote for’ now?  HAHAHA.  Vote for Trump!  Duh.


It seems that from labor to social justice these politicians simply seek to maximize their returns by saying what they think people want to hear. But when it comes time to take action they are exposed as hypocrites.


It is very sad watching this young radical drown himself, anchored by chains of ideology that pretends it is all about freeing people when this leftist ideology is all about enslaving people.  Now on to a radical religious fanatic leftist who wants to destroy civilization:

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her husband Ahmed Hirsi -(together right) the father of her three children – have split, DailyMail.com has learned exclusively. Omar left her legal husband and has moved into a penthouse apartment (inset) in one of Minneapolis’s trendiest neighborhoods.


Note how she is, like all the far leftist lunatics who get some loot, wants to move into an upper class white community with low crime.


Hirsi has been visiting the apartment but only when she is out of town. The news comes as critics are demanding Omar to answer questions about whether she married her own brother in a successful bid to get him into the US.


Omar first married Hirsi in an Islamic ceremony in 2002 when she was 19, but six years later they divorced. In 2009, Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a British citizen, who has been identified as her brother – but this has not been proven. Omar then had a third child with Hirsi in 2012 and in 2015 she filed a joint tax return with him – even though she was still legally married to Elmi. She finally divorced Elmi in 2017 and married Hirsi in a civil ceremony the following year in 2018.


This female who has a wild personal life wants to dictate to all of us, how to be ‘moral’ and ‘upright.’  Like all radicals, she firmly believes in one set of rules for herself, that is, do as she pleases, while the rest of us have to live by her crazy rules and have no rights at all and have to obey her at all times, or else.


This is classic communism.

She and the fake liberals are pushing very hard the storyline that whites are dangerous and blacks and Hispanics are safe.  So why do all these clowns flee their own hoods when they get any money?  One would think they would all move to Detroit!


Now on to dying England, Tommy Robinson is in prison but this time, isn’t being brutally abused, just normally abused:

Tommy is actually in communication with Assange in prison, they talk via the halls letting sound pass from one level to the next.  Tommy is allowed one visitor a day in this prison.  But the prison is ‘short staffed’ so he gets far fewer visits despite requests and this is an excuse since he is supposed to qualify for a visit a day.


The government can’t run things properly due to being hammered by an army of invaders from elsewhere in the world, many of which want to come to England to mooch off of the State.


England is leaving a mess in Asia as Hong Kong, a mini-colony set up 200 years ago, is being forcibly integrated into communist China:

They are demonstrating today, yet again with the Chinese government growing impatient with all this and perhaps moving relentlessly towards another Tiananmen Square event.

Gangs of thugs attacked demonstrators and went after them when demonstrators tried to go home.  So violence is growing.  More groups are demonstrating against the government’s deportation plans.  This shows how the issue of population shifts are impacting the world.

What is funny here is, ‘communist’ China is not communist.  It is a dictatorship of the economic elites who are capitalists.  How funny.  It has no civil rights or freedoms.  This is how it uses communist images to control the masses.






NYC Mayor De Blasio Demands Trump Debate Him About CRIME? HAHAHA

Posted: 27 Jul 2019 03:24 AM PDT

De Blasio wants to chatter with Trump about the gigantic mess De Blasio made of NYC.  I say, this is great!  Go for it!  Meanwhile, gangs of neighborhood destroyers mostly raised by welfare moms, riot in the city openly, attacking cops who are under orders to do nothing.  Also, the NYT attacks Trump all over again, claiming there has to be some excuse to impeach him hidden under the couch.  And the male who dresses as a female who destroyed a salon business via demanding ladies trim his balls, is discovered to also be a child sex rapist.  Who would have guessed?


Liberal DNC Federal Judge tosses Sandmann’s lawsuit against Washington Post fake stories about the boy:


Sandmann and the Covington students were initially accused of initiating the confrontation, but other videos and the students’ own statements showed that they were verbally accosted by a group of black street preachers who were shouting insults both at them and a group of Native Americans. Sandmann and Phillips have both said they were trying to defuse the situation.


Except Phillips was lying as usual.  He was ESCALATING it by drumming right next to the boy’s face while glaring at him.  The WP lies about everything, all the time and should be sued for pretending to be a newspaper.


The lawsuit claimed the Post falsely labeled Sandmann a racist by publishing articles that “falsely accused Nicholas of … ‘accost[ing]’ Phillips by ‘suddenly swarm[ing]’ him in a ‘threaten[ing]’ and ‘physically intimidat[ing]’ manner … ‘block[ing]’ Phillips path, refusing to allow Phillips ‘to retreat,’ ‘taunting the dispersing indigenous crowd,’ [and] chanting, ‘Build that wall,’ ‘Trump2020,’ or ‘Go back to Africa.'”


I wish everyone who is a conservative could sue the Washington Post.


The suit, which called for $250 million in compensatory and punitive damages, accused the paper of practicing “a modern-day form of McCarthyism” by targeting Sandmann and “using its vast financial resources to enter the bully pulpit by publishing a series of false and defamatory print and online articles … to smear a young boy who was in its view an acceptable casualty in their war against the president.”


I am betting this will go all the way to the Supreme Court.  What the WP did was child abuse.  The NYT and others did the same.  They do this all the time, abusing their privileges to attack whoever they wish including children.  Speaking of devils:

The stupid NYT is still pushing the ‘impeach Trump’ but now that the stupid lies about Russia have collapsed, they claim they must continue to try and try to find something, anything to impeach him.  HAHAHA.  Maybe they should attack young Trump supporters again.  That will do the trick, eh?


Meanwhile, under the rule of deranged leftist mobs, NYC continues to deteriorate as young people openly attack the police quite violently while the police have to stand down and let them dowse them with buckets of water and have the buckets then thrown at them, too.  The NYT is OK with all this, it isn’t front page news, of course.

Black ‘leaders’ (sic) call for their own brats to stop attacking cops in daytime on the streets of NYC run by insane liberals who are incredibly stupid and learn nothing from history.  These black ‘leaders’ are ‘calling for peace’ when the attackers are the neighbors and children of these same ‘leaders.’  The police have basically been told to ‘stand down’ no matter how evil the brats are who attack them with full malice and hate.  This is NOT WORKING, it is failing, big time.


Harlem is not ‘united’ nor it it ‘strong’ it is the festering sore on the body politic that is a keystone to the black wreckage of all our major former manufacturing cities.  These ‘activists’ spend most of their speaking time praising EACH OTHER.  This is in stark contrast when the organization I helped found and run took over the 78th Precinct and began ordering around the politicians and then putting them in prison which fixed all the social problems.  No more corrupt, evil politicians=safer neighborhoods.


These stupid people in Harlem are not doing what we did: PATROL THE HOOD and take down the brats attacking citizens and the cops.  This is real action.  These old civil rights people are talking about ‘unity’ when what is needed is to be much more PROACTIVE going after criminals especially street crime.  Going after these destroyers of the hood is hard work, very dangerous but if successful, is wonderful.  Except blacks love high crime because it keeps housing cheap.


I kid you not.  They want dangerous neighborhoods because these allow them to keep on with cheap rent forever instead of working hard to be homeowners, they want rent control forever.  They also know that the media giants will go out of their way to cover these useless events.  Meanwhile, the deterioration in civility continues.  Here is how Trump is dealing with this deterioration:

The Supreme Court recognizes that defending our borders from invaders is #1.  The US military system’s #1 job is to protect us from invaders!  Duh!  Globalists want us to have zero border protections.  The Pentagon has a gigantic budget for patrolling foreign borders but nothing for our own borders.  This is insanity.


The Maoist editors of the NYT are angry about not including the entire planet earth in our immigration reforms.  They do not want any reforms, they want a flood of aliens waving foreign flags to enter the country and join them in ruling us brutally.  The NYT also has a headline story about a very silly female who was part of the military as we now have to have as many females as males (except when it comes to actual fighting) and how unsuited females are for this sort of job:

Hollywood is the same way.  That is, females seeking power and to ‘rise in the ranks’ are invited to go into hotel rooms privately by males.  They then go and are surprised when the man asks for sex.  This isn’t rape.  The main thing here is WHY?  Why do adult women working with adult men be so stupid or naive?  Have they no brains at all?  Or are they raised on the belief that they can do anything including tempting men and falling into obvious social situations via being drunk or hoping for advancement, that they go into obvious ‘no go zones’?


When I was young, very attractive, I also got to know quite a few famous people who wanted to have sex.  Each time I visited their hotel rooms, for example, they would ask for sex, I would say no and everything was OK.  I also wasn’t dumb.  I knew that being asked to come to a bedroom meant sex would be discussed.  These females who wait years to attack men, pretend they are stunned to find out that going into a bedroom=asking for sex.  This requires incredible levels of stupidity.  Do we want stupid women running our military?


We are creating chaos in the military by forcing young, healthy, aggressive men to sleep right next to and fight right next to buxom young ladies ripe for natural sex.  Pretending a billion years of evolution is meaningless, this ridiculous idea that sexually active women and men fighting and sleeping together won’t lead to sex stuff happening.


The ‘helpless females’ all knocked up in knots over sex should NOT BE IN THE MILITARY at all.  Duh.  They are ridiculously incapable of being strong, powerful and aggressive when they are passive victims of men asking for sex. And talk about childish and insane:


Robert Mueller's congressional testimony this week was revealing, but not for what it told us about the Trump campaign's associations with Russia. In the hours and days after Mr. Mueller gave his opening statement before the House Judiciary Committee, it became clear how tenaciously many liberals and progressives are clinging to fantasy — not just that President Trump will eventually find himself impeached and removed, but also that they can advance their values by means of legal machination rather than political vision. And at a moment of intense polarization in American politics, this fantasy is especially shortsighted.


The NYT promoted nonstop for two years, this fantasy.  The NYT for two years, yapped nonstop as the top headline story, the fiction of Russian collusion with Trump.  The NYT itself was the primary pusher of this obvious lie.  They never apologized for this much less, commit hari kari due to this criminal attempt at framing an innocent man.  The ‘intense polarization’ is the NYT itself doing the polarization based on utter and complete lies.


Now these Bilderberg clowns pretend other people were ‘clinging to fantasy’ themselves and still are.  This is just amazing to watch.  So, after yet another failure to destroy or kill Trump (the NYT loved to show how Hollywood stars would do ‘kill Trump’ stuff) they are going to…continue doing this sort of thing, endlessly.  No apology for all the violent rhetoric, the pushing for Trump supporters to be doxxed, attacked and abused by leftists, nothing at all.  No apology for pushing the fake Russia stories, either.

And then there is the story of the man pretending to be a woman who destroyed a business by claiming they denied service to him when he dressed like a female and then deliberately went there to demand the ladies trim the hair off of his balls.  YUCK.  Turns out he is also a rapist.  YUCK.  No shock here.  The crazy left supports predators like this man while at the same time whining about adult sex stuff as if adult women are helpless babies who wilt and die on the vine if touched by adult men.  What a bizarre world the liberals inhabit!  Utterly insane.

This story is interesting.  The man was being ‘checked out’ by teenage criminals when he pulled a gun on them so one ran away but one of them strolled away due to being used to angry people chasing him off.  Then the cops come and they both run away and one of them is shot while invading private property to get away from the cops.  This sort of crazy, wild behavior is normal for fatherless families who are raised on government money. Naturally, liberals see the use of guns in this case as evil instead of normal defense.